Council convenes to discuss CPO but fails to inform residents

On Thursday 26 October 2017, one of the leaseholders of properties within the 57-76 Northchurch block on the Aylesbury estate, was informed by an acquaintance that Southwark Council is setting in motion the process to compulsory purchase her home.

It was discovered that at the upcoming Southwark Cabinet meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 31 October at 4PM, a report to seek authorisation to begin the Compulsory Purchase Order process for three properties within the Northchurch block would be presented.

It later emerged that the Council had sent out letters just one day before the meeting informing residents of the meeting - in second class post.

We maintain that it would have been a matter of good practice on behalf of the Council, to communicate with us in a timely manner, one that would have allowed us to respond and deliver our comments and objections within the established deadlines.

Because of this lack of communication from Southwark Council, we missed the deadline to put in a deputation to present our objections and concerns to the Cabinet.

The story was covered in the Southwark News and is symptomatic of the Council’s ongoing failed approach to involving residents in its top-down regeneration.

Article in the Southwark News 02/11/17

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