Save OUR Aylesbury from THEIR regeneration

We are fighting to save our community from a top-down regeneration that is forcing us out with derisory compensation offers using compulsory purchase orders.

Investigations by the Guardian have shown how the Council is paying as little as £75k for a large (47m2) 1-bed flat, when equivalent ex-council properties in the area are selling for five times this amount.

The Council says we can take up a ‘shared equity’ option on the new housing association homes being built on the estate, but these come with restrictions in the small print limiting a number of things like: succession rights, capital uplift, assignment rights, subletting clauses. We are also forced to sign confidentiality agreements preventing us from talking about the restrictive clauses in the lease. Read more about the shared equity deal here..

It comes as no surprise that only 6 of the 285 leaseholders decanted from the estate to date have taken up this shared equity deal.

We have been fighting the Council’s attempt to evict us using compulsory purchase powers and last year we scored a major victory when the Secretary of State rejected Southwark’s application for CPO powers in a landmark legal decision. The secretary of state said that our basic human and equalities rights were being breached by the Council as a result of many elderly leaseholders and those from black and ethnic minority groups were being forced to relocate because of the scheme.

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